Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is needed when a tooth has become painful or infected. Root canal therapy allows a tooth to be saved instead of being removed.

The procedure is able to be performed comfortably using a local dental anesthetic. The dentist removes the inflamed nerve and pulp tissue and disinfects the inside of the tooth. During the second step of the root canal procedure, the dentist fills in the space where the nerve and pulp tissue was with a safe dental material that inhibits the ability of bacteria to re-infect the tooth. A dental crown is often required following root canal therapy to support the tooth.

Some of the symptoms that may indicate that you might need root canal therapy include severe pain, hot or cold sensitivity, swelling, or an abscess on the gum tissue.

Several causes can lead to a tooth becoming painful or infected and need root canal therapy. Large cavities the reach the nerve and pulp tissue, trauma, or tooth fractures are some or the causes of tooth pain or infection.

A root canal procedure can be completed in a single visit, however, at times the procedure may require 2 or more visits depending on the extent of the tooth inflammation.

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