Nashville Bridges

Healthy and strong teeth support and maintain your jaw alignment. That is why when you lose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth may shift, and the ability to chew and speak may be affected. A bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, eliminating the gap where those teeth had been. The bridge is bonded onto surrounding teeth for support. Regardless of the type of bridge recommended, its success depends on keeping the surrounding teeth healthy and strong.

Not to be confused with partial dentures, bridges are placed with a dental cement; and they are not removed. Additionally, dental bridges do not have and metal wires or clasps. This makes them a more comfortable, and more esthetic option for replacing missing teeth than partial dentures.

Here is an example of a bridge placed by Dr. Matt McGee here at our office near Brentwood and Green Hills in Nashville. The first photo shows the patient's condition of a missing tooth. The second photo show the bridge cemented permanently in place. You can see that the final result is very esthetic, looks natural, and feels like natural teeth.

The following video is a testimonial from one of our patients. He describes his experience in our office having a bridge made to replace a front tooth.